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Baffling symptoms

Posted by @mnemon in Just Want to Talk, Oct 7, 2013

I'm 62, 6'0, 185, and have a painful condition. I just spent 22 hours in the ER over the weekend at Harbor UCLA in Southern California but my problem remains undiagnosed. In April I had a pulmonary embolism, I am positive for Factor V Leiden and am taking 25 mg Warfarin per week for that and 100 mg Tramadol as needed for this weird condition. My INR was 3.4 last Friday so dosage was reduced. by 2.5 mg/week.


1. First a band of pain around my lower ribcage that lasted about five days. The pain was much more pronounced on the left side and was generally a constant 4/10 with frequent twinges up to 7. My left ribcage was very sensitive to prodding in very specific places, producing about an 8. My ribcage also felt constricted, like there was a tight band around it and it was difficult and painful to inhale deeply in order to cough or sneeze. Simultaneously my right hip joint twinged to an 8 when I would rotate my leg slightly while walking or thurning.

2. About a week later these same symptoms returned in a slightly higher location on my chest and different sensitive ribcage areas. It lasted about four days.

3. Three days later the pain moved to my left kidney area right at the bottom of my ribcage at the back.

4. One day after that the pain is in a band around my shoulders, especially the left shoulder joint and both clavicles. Ultra sensitive areas near the inner top points of each clavicle and the outer front points where they connect to the shoulder. Trapezii painful as is right TMJ up into temple.

5. Along with these pain symptoms some strange, isolated bumps have appeared on my head, neck, face, back, and chest. They are firm and about the size of a large pimple on my head but smaller and softer elsewhere. They don't hurt or itch. Some of them are disappearing while new ones are appearing. One of the ER doctors remarked that they reminded him of shingles.

6. Some abdominal distress. A vague but strong feeling of malaise in the stomach area with slight nausea, lasting a few hours each time but no loss of appetite. I have inexplicably lost 20 lbs over the last 6 months though.

I did have chicken pox as a child but have not had any cold or fever type symptoms. I was very slightly more light sensitive for a couple of days when symptoms began, and sneezed more than usual, but barely noticeably. I have been suffering from more stress than usual lately and have been quite depressed at times.

Thanks for your interest in my condition. I am really hoping that someone will come up with a good idea of what this is all about.


Posted by @bink, Oct 7, 2013

Hi Mnemon , dont know what to think of your symptoms but they do need looked into , i do know stress and depression can both cause a lot of things and wreck havic on your body ! . good luck and god bless .

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Posted by @mnemon, Oct 8, 2013

Thanks, bink. Had an intense wave of symptoms after I wrote that yesterday. Pain increased, felt feverish, and thought process became confused. Got an emergency appointment with primary care doc and a lot of blood work done. Looking into fibromyalgia and other possibilities. Hardly any sleep last night. Am nodding off every 5-10 minutes today. Jaw is painful at right TMJ and can hardly chew, but have no appetite anyway.


Posted by @piglit, Oct 13, 2013

Hi Mnemon just wondering how you are feeling I too haveFactor V Leiden. It's a good idea to go and see a really good Haemotologist they can run many a test to see and hopefully help with the problems you are experiencing. I myself have just seen a new haemotlogist and am hoping for some answers too Take care Piglit

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Posted by @mnemon, Oct 13, 2013

Hi Piglit. Today is the first day I am feeling somewhat normal. Still have residual pain in various places and some swelling - especially in the left clavicle around the thyroid area. Strangely, after most of the physical pain left a couple of days ago my emotional state took a huge hit. It was such a cold, isolated, empty feeling - completely negative and hopeless. I have had clinical depression before but never to that extent. The Tramadol helped with that by giving me some kind of buzz I guess. Anyway, the emptiness seems to have left me now, thankfully!

I don't really think any of this is related to FVL, Piglt. I just included that as part of my recent medical history to clarify things just in case. Hope you are doing well. Let me know if you find anything out.


Posted by @piglit, Oct 14, 2013

You take care and let me know how things are going for you. I'll let you know if they find out anything as well Piglit

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Posted by @roxie43, Oct 15, 2013

I sincerely hope you have found some answers and are feeling better.

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Posted by @mnemon, Oct 15, 2013

Thanks, Roxie. This past Sunday was the first day of feeling normal again! 🙂

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