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Bad Dreams

Posted by @kindred in Sleep Health, Oct 11, 2012

I dream often of being attacked by bees or stung multiple times. About every other night. It used to be snakes, but that has calmed down a lot since my daughter has a pet corn snake and I am learning to like him some. I have even held him, which is a BIG step for me.
I find it difficult to fall asleep and stay there. I take Ativan, but that is short term. I see a counselor and he is wonderful, but sleep remains an issue.

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Posted by @justanotherman, May 5, 2013

My situation is the same. But I think mine's hallucination. When I opened my eyes and the room was dark I can see images of big snakes coming to me and ready to bite me. Sometimes they were big spiders. I consulted my psychology professor and interpreted those things. He said It was something to do with my childhood memories and experiences. Which I think was related somehow. Hope this helps.

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