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Bad cholesterol

Posted by Anonymous-988f9c44 in Just Want to Talk, May 5, 2012

My cholesterol level is 288, my doctor said i have to lower changing my diet + excercise. Are there specific foods and drinks or... that can lower it faster?


Posted by @palravi, Jul 16, 2013

I've it too. It's 220 a month ago. Iam taking the following as part of my daily diet. It's proven. Am confident of lowering when I go for followup 2month later.
- Raw Garlic - atleast a tooth
- Raw onion - Yellow or White
- Raw carrot - atleast a 6" long
- Apple
- Oats for breakfast
- extra virgin olive oil - 1 tea spoon in any manner
- Mackerel or Sardine fish
- Beans (pinto or similar)

Foods to avoid totally
- Egg yellow yolk
- Red meat (Beef, Bacon, Pork etc)
- anything that has more than 10% saturated fat or cholesterol

If this doesn't work, my next but powerful option is Cholestrol Health supplement from Nutrilite (Amway)
Hope this helps.

Contact me in if reqd.

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