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Posted by @caroline1208 in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Sep 20, 2011

Who can talk with me about the spinal cord stimulator ? I am having the trial period done 9/22.


Posted by @hollmark, Sep 22, 2011

Hello Caroline, I hope the procedure went great today and you are looking forward to the results, the SCS can maybe give you.

I have looked into the topic as 'interested to learn more about it', because I could imagine, that it could be a possible help for my father in law.

May I ask you, what the actual reason for you was/is, to go with the spinal cord stimulator?

Pain management? Or anything else, you feel ok to share with me?

Hey, I am looking forward to hearing back from you. It would be great if by sharing, I could support my father in law through it.

Have a nice evening,


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