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Back surgery X5, Need help finding a Dr to treat me. Severe back pain, SI joint and post pelvis pain in adition to nerve pain

Posted by @kidnurse1963 in Brain & Nervous System, Aug 24, 2011

Hello all, I just joined the discussion board today. I have had anterior and posterior spinal fusions with bone grafting and instrumentation as well as a spinal cord stimulator placed 2 times. After my 2nd surgery I developed severe neuropathy. My nerve pain is from the hips down. With my right leg worse than my left. I have also had SI Joint pain since he did the first fusion. It has prgressed to a point where I am now walking with a walker again in the past week. I am only 47 years old and shouldn't be in this bad of shape. Please point me in the right direction of finding a physician who will help me. I will travel anywhere to get help. I would also like to know how I decide on which Mayo Clinic doctor to contact. Is there a central operator that I contact for ALL of the Ortho/Neuro doctors? And are there any new procedures/surgeries out there that anyone has had success with? Thank you all very much.


Posted by @sppdscott, Oct 11, 2011

Highly recommend Dr. Keith Bridwell related to the George Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. Checkout his website: for how to contact him and arrange an appointment. We travelled from Nebraska for his pediatric spinal surgery abilities for our daughter and feel he is the only Dr. we would recommend based on our experiences!


Posted by @epidemiologist, Nov 12, 2011

George Washington University is in Washington DC. If it was in St. Louis, then that is Washington University. It is very confusing. The University of Washington, which is also top notch in spine surgery, is in Seattle. And Washington State University is in Pullman, Washington--but at least that does not have a medical school--only a veterinary school!


Posted by @epidemiologist, Nov 12, 2011

Think about seeing somebody in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, which is sometimes called Physiatry. They specialize in non-surgical care. They are MDs. The success of each surgery is lower than the previous surgery, and the research is very clear about this. Good luck with this.


Posted by @sppdscott, Nov 14, 2011

I stand corrected! Nice catch - and you're right, very confusing! St. Louis is a good place to go for help medically....


Posted by @mcharliemc, Feb 14, 2012

I suggest that you go to Emory in Atlanta,Ga. and suggest to see dr John Heller. Dr. Heller is a professor there at Emory.

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