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Back Pain

Posted by @refresh, Jan 29, 2012

I’m facing a back surgery called a fusion. How succusful is it



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Posted by @roni4, Jan 29, 2012

I just met two people who have had it done one had it done on the back the other had it done going through the front of her body and they said it went well no problems


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Posted by @rondac, Jun 7, 2012

Ronda C and I just had this done at the L4 and L5 disk and after 6 weeks I feel great and cured of the dibilitating pain I was living with. Just get a good doctor that has done the surgery 75 times like I did and would do it on his own family. One that is willing to tell you and show you what he has to do. It takes pins, screws, bolts, a cage and bone grafting. It’s not has bad as knee surgery and heals alot quicker. You have to walk and keep walking to stay well with it. Don’t be afraid, trust the doctor and the Lord.

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