Back chest and neck pain

Posted by scotr124m @scotr124m, Jan 21, 2018

Hi! New here. Several weeks ago I started getting a strange aching pain deep in the upper center, just a little right, of my back that went trough to my ches and into the right side of my throat.. A few nights later, while making dinner, I was screaming with pain. My husband called an ambulance. The pain was the size of an orange and tight, but no other symptoms. The para medics gave me three baby aspirin and in a few minutes the pain went away.
But the test in the for two days in the hospital were all negative. They showed NO heart attack or no clots. I’m still getting these pains at home and am popping baby aspirin daily.
I’ve seen other specialist and had their tests all negative. The aspirin quickly takes the pain away. Isn’t that the heart? My husband and I are a little scared. Any of you have this? Looking for answers.

Helo @scotr124m,

Welcome to Connect. I can only imagine how painful and worrisome this must be! Here’s a discussion that you may wish to view, where you can meet @jchp @Sensation Mentor @cynaburst who share their insights about chest pain.

I’d also encourage you to view this other incredibly informative conversation:
@lisab62 @huge @rsmith011 @cherfenn @iagrrl Mentor @kariulrich and others write about their experiences, and I’m certain they will be able to give you some more information about chest and neck pain.

May I ask if you would share more details, @scotr124m? What type of tests did you undergo? Have you had any back problems or hernia-related issues? We sincerely look forward to getting to know you.

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