Axillofemoral bypass - avoid if possible

Posted by expat69 @expat69, Jan 3 11:12pm

Axillofemoral bypass, a surgery that made my life a living hell.
I want to warn others, if your doctor suggest Axillofemoral bypass, strongly ask for alternative surgery option.

Previously had 2, yes two open AAA Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm surgeries.
Note: At 2 different top end private hospitals.
Many complications, and lack of blood flow below my hips, unable to walk.

Axillofemoral bypass Surgery normally takes 9 hours +- and take a huge toll on ones body.
Weighloss 20%,
10 large scars on my body that healed very slow, took 3 months at home before I could shower normally, without any waterproof dressing.
From my own research, this is a last option surgery when all other fail. And from my personal experience, I beg you all to avoid this surgery.

2 weeks hospitalization, sent home with pletaal for walking pain, morphine and tramadol. This didn't help, my pain was extreme, even with 10mg sleeping medicine I was unable to sleep more than an hour.

Months with extreme pain, hypersensitive skin, anykind of light touch is painful. Put on socks and shoes was a nightmare, wear jeans or wide pants was impossible.

Sleep on my side impossible due to pain from the 'lines' (see attachments) under my skin from my armpit area to my groin area. These lines are also very visible on both sides.
Increased blood flow yes, but now nerve damages everywhere and extreme painful hypersensitivity, too much blood flow now, no medicine works.

With all these pain in different areas, appetite was lost, and further weight loss.

Blood clot few weeks later, emergency surgery, and yet more medicine, blood thinning medicine prescribed.

Axillofemoral bypass, avoid unless very last option.

I welcome others experience and opinion.

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