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AVN (avascular necrosis) of the talus

Posted by @congamitch in Heart & Blood Health, Oct 1, 2012

i was injured @ work on May 18th 2011. a 800pound skid loader bucket fell, with the blade pointing down, onto my leg/ankle. I was diagnosed with a severe bone bruise of the talus. I have had multiple x-rays and 2 MRI's. the x-ray's never gave a clear picture. the first MRI was taken on June 23rd 2011 and could not be read due to so much trauma to the ankle and the excessive amount of fluids in the joint area. my second MRI was taken in June of 2012, and shows two spots of AVN located medially in the talus dome. Since this is a work-comp case, I have received very little care in addressing my AVN. also i have what is called sinus tarsi syndrome, which has not even been addressed, except for the findings of it by the radiologist on the second MRI. I've been told that i would need the necrosis removed and also a vascular surgeon to reroute arteries to get blood supply back to the area of my foot/ankle. I finally have an appointment @ the U of I clinic in Iowa City.

will my ankle ever be pain free?

also I'm curious if i have osteomalitus?? not sure on the spelling

Tags: sports medicine, Infectious Disease

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