Average level of pain after TKR?

Posted by ellerbracke @ellerbracke, Mar 17, 2019

I had right knee TKR 6 months ago. Perfect ROM and extension (after hard work), functioning very well. However, I am fluctuating between what I would call “awareness” of the artificial joint – just a little sore – to aching, to moderate pain. Depends a little on activity level, weather, who knows, but it is always present, and I resent it. Some (many?) people are pain free at this stage. Should I be concerned, or will the magical 1-year mark fix this?


Thank you for saying this. I am 5.5 weeks out of my TKR and couldn't function without the Oxycodone. They are essential to PT and actually just getting around the house. I am doing well- 120 flexion and make steady progress. I too NEED the pain meds and have no interest in staying on them afterwards. They make me itch!!!

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@amytro Exactly. I don't know why it irritates me so much when people brag about taking Tylenol 2 weeks PO (I'm probably just jealous) but I want to scream from a rooftop "Well, good for you but I'll be damned if I even try to get off of my pain medication now" because I would give ANYTHING if my pain could be handled with an OTC medication. Trust me, I spend a small fortune on laxatives. I would gladly give that fresh new hell up any day if only I could. 🙂

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