Autonomic dysreflexia - symptoms - WARNING of Hypertension

Posted by @thinktherapy, Tue, Jul 16 12:26pm

My spine is severed at T6. I have fluctuating AD symptoms.
Mine went hyper!!!
Here is some of what I learned.
This AD is very weird and tricky. While going hyper my kidneys stopped producing, shortly thereafter, my solar plexus became hyperstimulated. 4mg of Deloted slowly reduced symptoms to a manageable level.
(after checking and removing the inciting issue)
1. Treat for shock
2. Treat for pain
3. ???
My question – what else to do for #3 or how to kickstart kidneys?

@thinktherapy, If you don't mind me asking and if you are comfortable sharing, when you say the inciting issue was removed, does that mean your autonomic dysreflexia has been, at least for the moment, been reduced or taken care of? Your shock and pain have been helped you noted by removing the issue and taking dilaudid? Have you discussed your kidney issue with your physician or a nephrologist?

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