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Autoimmune Hymalytic Anemia - living with it?

Posted by @ckellis in Cancer, Dec 20, 2011

I am finally off steroids and will be stopping Rituxan soon. This after 8 years of living with AIHA. I had both a warm and a cold antibodies. I have found successful treatments, alternatives, and I what to hear your story! HOW TO LIVE with a life threading illness.

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Posted by @sjmilpol, Feb 10, 2012

Please contact me via e-mail at I have gotten 2 opinions to have my spleen removed. I am very confused as to what to do. I would like to discuss this further with you.



Posted by @anon68359247, Oct 8, 2012

Hi Sjmilpol
I hope you're familiar with the consequences of getting spleen removed. It reduces your immunity against certain diseases. If your situation requires it to be removed, then you need to get vaccinated against pneumococcal disease preferably prior to splenectomy.

Posted by @bernard422040bellsouthnet, Jul 17, 2012

What successful treatments did you take? We are desperate for more info. Thanks!

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