Autoimmune gastritis and pernicious anemia

Posted by eileenb1022 @eileenb1022, Feb 23, 2023

My journey has been a long road. To start I had my gallbladder out January 17, 2022. I also had a emergency ercp 4 days later. Afterwards I was still not well although at my pre op consult my surgeon said I had typical gallbladder symptoms and other symptoms no like gallbladder as well. I had a endoscope last June I was not prepared nor did I understand. I got results on my portal that said linear endocrine cell hyperplasia with possibly of autoimmune gastritis. That is all. Doctor just wrote it was nothing to be concerned about UT did require follow up. I tried calling as follow up was over two months away. They wouldn't let me talk to him even though I explained why. So on to two more gastros not much help although the antibody bloodwork this gi never mentioned I literally got done only a month ago. My intrinsic factor was negative but my pariental cell was high and said out of range. My heart sank. I didn't not want this. I should also mention I had my gastrin level done
It was elevated. It was 152. I know normal should be under 100 so I don't know how concerning that is. This nurse practioner at this gi office said she was concerned about autoimmune gastritis. I asked her if she thought I had pernicious anemia and she said she believed I did. But we disagreed on some issues and parted ways. I am scheduled to see another gi March 4. He is part of my new primary facility so I have hopes I will get somewhere with him of course I'm going to ask for another endoscopy and get some definite answers and a plan. I have other issues which developed shortly after gallbladder surgery. I have other issues but I save that for the relevant support groups. I'd just love to talk to and get feedback from members with this issue and those who are have more information than I do. Sadly most of my information on this has been from the internet. I have had health anxiety for years and the thing that scares me is what I have read about all this having a risk for gastric cancer. I mean, I just turned 55 and have a autistic son to take care of. I'm sorry this was so long. I should also add since all my stomach problems started about 20 months ago I have gone from 272 to now 229. I don't think my weight has been this low in well over 20 years. I was lucky in the last 25 years to lose 10 pounds so this worries me. I have such a hard time eating. I was sticking around 240. But since Nov it's just dropped now to 229 and even my husband said my skin is sagging. Not exactly the way I wanted to lose it. Thank you for listening.

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Hi Eileen, I know this post is over a year old. But just wanted to know if your diagnosis was confirmed. I'm not a physician but rather a poster of advanced stage AIG so I know a thing or two. Let me know if you've any lingering questions.

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