Atypical meningiomas

Posted by jackieerickson @jackieerickson, Jun 23, 2017

I have an atypical recurring meningioma from surgery in February 2015. My surgeon recommended a one time radiation blast. The neuro Oncologist says it might not get all the cancer and I need six weeks of radiation. This was devastating to us as we live 90 miles from University of MI Hospital. Any thoughts? The Oncologist kept referring to “the only study” about this but I did not think to ask the name of the study. Does anyone know it?

Following is a recap of my MRI on 5/31/17:
Postsurgical changes from bifrontal craniotomy for resection of a bulky
heterogeneous parafalcine extra-axial mass, proven atypical meningioma.
There has been interval enlargement of residual/recurrent soft tissue
along the falx with right and left parafalcine components, which now in
aggregate measures 2.2 x 2.4 x 1.7 cm compared to 0.8 x 1.2 x 0.6 cm
previously (series 10 image 25). There also has been interval
development of an ill-defined enhancing soft tissue mass along the falx
which is immediately posterior to and appears contiguous with the
enlarging index lesion. This additional lesion measures 1.0 x 0.7 cm
(series 10 image 24). These 2 lesions demonstrate restricted diffusion.
There is extension into the corpus callosal defect.

There is persistent thickening of the midline of the falx and the dura
overlying the frontal lobes. There is redemonstration of the left
frontal surgical cavity with irregular hemosiderin staining along its
margins and surrounding T2 prolongation. However, there is more T2
prolongation along the posterior and lateral aspect of the left frontal
surgical cavity than on the 12/6/2016 study. FLAIR hyperintense signal
within the paramedian right frontal lobe is stable. There is persistent
architectural distortion within the left greater than right frontal
lobes with volume loss and associated ex vacuo ventricular dilatation.
There is thinning and distortion of the corpus callosum. Right frontal
encephalomalacia is redemonstrated. There is a thin hypointense subdural
collection deep to the left frontal craniotomy.

The posterior fossa structures are unremarkable. No intraparenchymal

There is a left maxillary sinus retention cyst. The major intracranial
vascular flow voids are patent at the skull base.

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Welcome to Connect, Jackie.
I moved your message to the Brain Tumor group so that you can connect with other members talking about recurring meningiomas. I think you might like to take part in this discussion:
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I’d specifically like to introduce you to @07ram, who also has Grade 2, atypical meningioma

On Clinical, I found several studies about menigiomas and radiation treatment. See here: It might be best to ask your doctor, which one he is referring to as it sounds like it might be one you are eligible for and might benefit from.
Traveling 90 miles for six weeks of radiation would be tough. Would you be getting the radiation daily? Are there lodging options at University of MI Hospital?

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