Atrial flutter long term damage to heart muscle

Posted by hankwin @hankwin, Mon, Jan 7 4:03pm

Can anyone explain if long term atrial flutter damages the heart muscle. My heart stays in flutter 70 percent of the time and has been in continuous flutter since 6 Dec

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Hi, sorry to see you joined the afib club. Mine started out in early November as an irregular beat, I went to the hospital, told I was in afib, was admitted, changed my medicine, dropping the Beta Block amount I was taking by a ludicrous amount, causing an unbelievablely fast heart rate. Finally getting it under control rate wise, I was discharged and might be undergoing Electro-Cardioversion and change, in the hospital, of my medication from Metoprolol to Sotalol.

My early symptoms were just an irregular heart beat, then became a fluttering I could feel across my heart, then became fluttering I can only feel on the left side of the heart. Much of the time I feel no fluttering, and am hopeful I converted back to sinus rhythm, but alas, my highly irregular pulse reveals otherwise.

Looking just now, it said the effects of afib are generally progressive. At this point, I'm not short of breath, dizzy, etc., though my rate goes too high, reasonably so, during exertion. It also said the sooner some form of Cardioversion is attempted, closer to the it's first onset, the more likely it will be successfully converted for an extended time.

Hope this is of some help.

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