Asymmetrical eyebrow

Posted by Soledad02 @soledad02, Jul 18 5:35pm

I have a very peculiar issue. Approximately four years ago I noticed my right eyebrow was a little higher than my left. It's not gotten worse and is raised most of the time now. I've had no surgeries nor botox in my brow area, no botox ever. My brow lifts often as I speak. I can see the muscle on my forehead moving the brow which recreates a dimple when the brow is raised. I showed this to my dermatologist as her office also does plastic surgeries. She recommended I see a neurologist? Has anyone ever experieced asymmetrical brows? Could this be the result of aging, I'm 71.

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@soledad02 I would follow your doctor’s recommendation and see a neurologist. It might be something that you need to treated for now rather than later. There are neurological problems that can arise anyway and need treatment.
Good luck!


I agree with SusanEllen, an assessment with a neurologist would rule out any condition that requires treatment.
If you get an all clear from merrily, then you could return to your dermatologist.
All the best in your search for answers.

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