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Asthma & enlarged heart

Posted by @teri15, Aug 18, 2013

I was diagnosed with asthma yrs ago in my 20’s ( I’m 52 ) & recently it has started bothering me after many yrs of no inhalers or pills to treat it. Now I’m back on pills, an inhaler & breathing treatments to relieve it. But during a chest X-ray to rule out pneumonia I was found to have a slightly enlarged heart. I’m having tests done soon but could this have anything to do with my asthma flaring up again?



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Posted by @piglit, Aug 18, 2013

Hi Teri15 not sure but your specialist or g.p may be able to asnwer your questions Take care Piglit


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Posted by @halm, Oct 22, 2013

The old axiom says “asthma affects those under 6 and over 65” especially if you have had a history of asthma or allergy when young. You may not be 65 yet but the age date is not arbitrary.


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Posted by @amity, Oct 26, 2013

I’m 74. Until about 8 years ago I had undiagnosed asthma. I began taking Advair and Spiriva (with a back-up rescue inhaler which I rarely use). Two years ago an X-ray showed that my heart is enlarged. I understand that the enlarged heart and the asthma are essentially separate issues: I have both COPD and right side congestive heart failure. See your doc or docs to find out what’s going on for you. Best of luck!


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Posted by @busyboy86, Nov 16, 2013

hlo teri…i m medical student and in my final years.listen, you hav a history of asthma 4 of a long period.if asthma is not controlled or there r risk factors like if u keep smoking, then it converts to COPD(chronic obstrutive pulmonary disease).obviously aftr a long time of this respiratory problem, the heart enlargement is but normal as your heart has 2 work a lot and u may have another disease called congestive heart insuffciency..if you feel tht you hav easy fatigue or oedema of ur extremities then dnt hesitate to consult a good cardiologist so tht he could make a plan for ur treatment..
plz take care of ur diet too and avoid risk factors if u hav ror u can.
regards QASIM

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