asthma and chronic bronchitis

Posted by annangeldavid @annangeldavid, Nov 20, 2011

i can’t stop coughing and it keeps me up at night. i feel so helpless. the medicine is expensive and i hate buying it and then it not help or work. is there any relief. i had whooping cough as a child and then pneumonia, etc. all my life. now at 60 i wonder if it is worth anything anymore.

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brand new to bronchitis / asthma, ths started 1 yr ago, cough really went away. my dr isn’t sure which or both. female, 63, in very good health otherwise. have appt with pulminary in 2 weeks. right now on 2nd round of steriod zpack and dulera. have insomnia so sleep is hard enuf, now it’s near impossible.
QUESTION: is it ez to tell viral from bacterial bronc? WHAT ABOUT natural remedies? any suggestions. ALSO, i have no insurance.
does bronc ever go away?

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I listen to same music every night that is training my breathing. Make a 30 min playlist with first 20 min dance music and 10 min soothing music. All the songs should be your favorite. When you hit the bed listen to the music training your ears to the drums and bass, instruments actually, by the time the soothing music arrives you are lulled to sleep, see that music instrument switches off auto. I am doing it from several years, it works for me. I also drink a glass of warm water before going to sleep and put a clove in my mouth.
I was in pre bronchitis stage till now I suffer from dust allergy and anemia, and was doing away with wheezing with mucus with a antibiotic augmentane course with sorbitol cough syrup when it was serious and with cetazine when mild for dust allergy. But now i get it every now and then so i have to get tested. So I would like to know what is pulminary ?


IAbout a month ago a normal cold my husband brought home ( he had for 3 days) went right to my chest…the flem was unreal. OTC meds didn’t touch it. I wound up makeing/doing a mustard wrap(compress) front and back for about 10 mins and it kicked that horrible chest congestion/cough out of my system. My grandmother use to use them from time to time…it works very well,.just be sure to time it and check your skin. once it begins to turn a little pink remove the wrap. this past time only took @10 minutes. Last time i did one @7years ago on my daughter it took close to 30 mins. so stay on top of it and keep a close watch. stay warm with lots of layers. hope you feel better soon..

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i’ve had severe coughing attacks off and on for almost 3 years now. combivent advair nasonex astelin and rounds of prednisone sometimes up to 3 weeks. the only cough relief i get is from 10 mg vicadin up to 4 a day per lungs ache and constant wheezing and goobs of flem- had staph and then separate cocci infection caught by a good pulmonary md.-i had a bad case of tuburculoses in 1987 from paramedic job for fire dept. had lung surgery-loculated empyema and then mild asthma ever since –then 3 years ago symptons ramped up untill present-2 m.d.–no real relief– all they say is more prednisone-musinex keep me off pred for a few months. thinking about going to mayo in fl–i’m miserable. developed type 2 diabetes from prednisone and high b/p from combivent–sugar over 300 when on pred. any ideas would be greatly appreciated. i’m at the end of my rope

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