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Posted by @healthyone in Infectious Diseases, Aug 5, 2012

does anyone have aspergillosis or have had it. I have an absess in my lung and it is also in my blood. Have been getting treatment since Nov 2011, but am looking for something additonal to do.

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Posted by @mathewphilips, Sep 4, 2012

Sorry to hear that. One of my close friend had Aspergilloma and she is alright now after a Surgey. Did your Doctor suggest surgery as an option for your condition ?. From what I know there are good surgical options, provided you are fit for it. I think its bit a rare condition to have and occurs mostly in developing countries. You can read aboout it in this article - (concise but scientific). Also for my friend I asked the queries at medical website. Relies from the online doctor - may be helpful to you .
Good Wishes and Good Day. Bye


Posted by @healthyone, Sep 19, 2012

I cannot have surgery as I have copd. they talked about it but said my quality of life would go down. They have taken me off the antibiotic as they think that it is gone in my lung. I have been on the meds for almost a year. they think that what is left is a scar. so we will see what happens. thanks for your info and when I hear more I will let you know

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