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Aspergers Syndrome

Posted by @donnasmn, Aug 19, 2011

Haven’t seen anything related to Aspergers Syndrome and children so I hope I’m not stepping on any toes posting this.

I have an eleven year-old daughter who was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome about eight years ago. Back then there was a support group available in our area, but I’m not sure there’s anything like that around anymore.

I’ve been able to get tips on how to handle some of her behavior through an online group that specifically deals with Aspergers. It can be frustrating that there isn’t much in our rural area available for her.

She’s always seemed to have problems with gas and we’ve tried treating it with Beano and pediatric Pepto Bismol. Over the past 3-4 weeks she’s started developing new symptoms on top of this. She’s had pretty bad stomach cramps and I took her into our local doctor who ran some tests on her blood. Thankfully everything came back normal but they didn’t really address what I was hoping. I’d brought up allergies and all they could do is refer us to a clinic over an hour away from us. We can’t get in until the end of September.

With school starting soon we really need to figure something out. She’s had problems with school (most likely Aspergers related) and we can’t afford to start the year off missing school.

Hope to meet up with others with children here with Aspergers.


A Concernced Mama

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Posted by @aconcerncedmama, Dec 14, 2011

DonnaSMN, Would you mind to let me know how your daughter was diagnosed with the symptom? By what kind of doctor? Our pediatrician has recently mentioned that she suspect that our son has Asperger syndrome and referred us to see a psychologist. We wen to see the psychologist but she seems does not able to give a definite answer. We are wondering if there is a certain type of doctor that we need to see in order to get a sure answer.

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