Arterial flutter after aortic valve replacement

Posted by cynthia2017 @cynthia2017, Jun 11, 2017

I had my aortic valve replaced and pacemaker implanted 2 years ago, now i have arterial flutter, and im scared my heart will just quit

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@cynthia2017 Thank you for your post, Cynthia, and welcome to Mayo Connect. We are glad that you have joined us. I see you have had your aortic valve replaced as well as having a pacemaker 2 years ago. I’m just wondering if you have talked with your cardiologist about your concerns regarding the arterial flutter? What has he/she said about it? While we have many members at Mayo Connect who have had valve replacements and pacemakers, we cannot offer diagnosis for you. We can encourage you, though, and share our stories with you. Teresa


Hello @cynthia2017,

My sincere apologies for the tardy reply; I’d like to add my welcome to Teresa’s.
I can imagine it must be quite worrisome to experience these symptoms! Here is some information about atrial flutter, from Mayo Clinic:
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In the meantime, I’d like to tag @gonefishinmt @martishka @jennybell1 @sotiredofit @predictable @topaz to see if they have any thoughts to share.
How are you feeling now, @cynthia2017?


I have had a “flutter” in my heart for years. While working in San Diego, I could tell it was happening as I could get breathless and almost pass out. BUT never did pass out. The condition seemed to go away for a time. I attributed this flutter to nerves. I worked in Real Estate for nearly 50 years. For a few years after I retired it again seemed to go away. But, then it came back. I am not fearful of death, but I was uncomfortable. Finally my General sent me to my Cardiologist who preformed many tests. The Treadmill was difficult, but I was fearful of lying down and getting an injection to race my heart. I finally gave into the lying down and injection only to be begging them to STOP. I was sure I was dying. This all leads back to my being in the waiting room and emergency ambulance had to be called for another gentleman who was having same test. We are fearful of the unknown. My fear only added to the flutter. They had to give me a shot to reverse the issue while I was on the table.

I still do not have a clear picture of what is wrong with me. I am now taking Xeralta. I have not had any flutters for months. I have learned I must relax and not allow imaginary fears get in my way. If this is the way I am to go, so be it. I am a Vegetarian and eat only fish, including shell fish. NO RED meat. I have moved from a very small town in Oregon to a larger city (San Antonio) and will now have available to me many learned Cardiologists. I am 75 and in excellent health. The only thing standing in my way to living to 120 (LOL) is my RA. I see a new Cardiologists in two weeks.


If I must eventually have surgery, I will check into Mayo before any firm decisions are made. My mother had heart failure and was treated by Mayo in Minnesota. She lived to be 70. I am so much more healthy than she was. She also had Colon Cancer. It was the colon that finally took her.


Thank you for sharing your insights, @oregongirl. Please keep us updated, and let us know how your appointment with the new cardiologist goes.

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