Anyone experienced a lump in armpit that wasn't cancer?

Posted by cocomama6 @cocomama6, Jan 20 1:47pm

Has anyone experienced a lump in the armpit that wasn't cancer when checked out? I have one that has been there for a month and it's not rock hard, but feels more soft. It started out shaped more round like a marble, but now it a different shape. When I press around the lump it seems like I feel lines, almost like maybe blood vessels that run along side the ump. I feel fine and have not had any illness before discovering the lump. I am having a MRI to check for/rule out breast cancer, but it seems to not described that type of lump. Just wondering if anyone has experienced the same type of lump i've described and, of so, what your diagnosis is/was.

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I have had exactly what you are describing – I was only 21 and Wow! did it worry me. The doctor removed it and it was a "ductal mass" – something (we don't know what – remember this was 50+ years ago) had blocked a duct in breast tissue and it was growing, but benign. I have had a few more since then, and over time we watched them and they went away.

Also, whenever my body is fighting an infection or virus, I get swollen lymph glands – sometimes in very strange places. Sometimes these are tender, other times not. And sometimes they are my first hint that I have a chronic lung infection beginning to act up.

I am glad you are getting this checked, and would be interested in hearing what the docs decide is the cause.


I have not had this but I do know an ingrown hair can create a cyst which is a lump and is filled with fluid. I don’t know if this makes you feel better. I hope everything turns out well for you.

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