Arm pain

Posted by rosid2 @rosid2, Jul 24, 2022

I recently had a hysterectomy 2 weeks ago . Today I'm suffering from heartburn, left shoulder pain.. pins and needles.. plus vertigo since last night just when I turn in bed .

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If you are recently post-operative, do you have a forthcoming post-op visit scheduled with your surgeon where you can discuss concerns? Or does your surgeon have a nurse like many do to discuss problems sooner? I have experienced a little vertigo after just seeing my dentist in the past. Surgery and visiting a center for it can be a stressful event. Most people hold tension in their neck/shoulder area according to my Alexander instructor. Many surgical patients prefer a bland diet for a while I have heard. Run any concerning post-op pain(s) by the surgeon, or whomever is covering for them if you haven't already. People do heal at different rates.

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