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Jill Himli

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Are there any other family-based PFAC's? I'm on the Newborn Family Advisory [...]

Posted by @jillhimli, Jul 27, 2015

Are there any other family-based PFAC’s? I’m on the Newborn Family Advisory Council and I feel that our PFAC is somewhat different from PFAC’s that are patient driven councils. Our children are the former patients of the NICU and ISCN, so we advocate for future patients and their families who go through the distress of having a sick baby in these units. Attached are slides I’ve recently presented to NICU/ISCN nursing committees telling about our council.


I really enjoyed reading through your PPT file Jill! I actually now have new stories to share, of successes that came out of the Newborn Family Advisory Council — so thank YOU! I think the PEDs ENT PFAC is close to the Newborn PFAC, in that many of the patients are children. My guess is that PFACs becomes very family based, when children are the patients!

Jill – our ENT Pediatric Advisory Voice for ENT (PAVE) started in 2009 and meets monthly; we currently have 5 parent members; their children have many different types of ENT problems including cancer, genetic diseases, immunodeficiency diseases, hearing loss/cochlear implants, airway problems, etc. We’ve done a good number of projects and tried to work across the continuum of care between outpatient and the hospital. Happy to have you learn more if you’d like to attend a meeting or want more info. Kathy

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