Are my symptoms early signs of multiple sclerosis?

Posted by Lal2 @lal2, Apr 30, 2013

I am 27 years old and have recurring episodes of debilitating fatigue for periods of 12-24 hours that can occur twice a month or go three months in between episodes. The morning of an episode, the only symptom is mental fogginess and just feeling off. By 10am, I start feeling fatigued and have an impaired ability to concentrate and focus. Sometimes, but not always, this is shortly followed by a general depressed feeling, irritability, and apathy. I also get this weird tingling feeling in my hands. They feel weak and shaky.

Then around noon, the “crash” phase sets in where I start feeling fatigued. This becomes worse throughout the day until around 3, I can no longer function and am desperate to sleep. The physical exhaustion is debilitating and it’s usually accompanied with muscle weakness and shakiness. I also just feel ill, flu like. I will sleep from 5pm until 7am the next day. I will wake up feeling a bit groggy, but all the symptoms have vanished. I also have gastrointestinal disturbances during these episodes, but nothing severe, just abnormal.

These episodes started happening frequently last year, although I can remember similar episodes before that. I have had about 10 in the last year, most, if not all, during periods of prolonged stress (moving, getting married, studying/taking the bar exam, new job). The symptoms are short lived but debilitating.

I was diagnosed with hypersomnia in November. Outside of these episodes, I am sleepy almost every day. I take a stimulant to get me through the day, but during my episodes, the medicine has little to no effect on my exhaustion. I sleep 8-9 hours a night.

Because the episodes are getting worse and more frequent, I’m worried this isn’t just a general stress reaction and more of a situation where stress inflames some illness I may have. Any help with figuring this out would be very appreciated.

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I have the same problems. And the other thing that happens to me is. I think of bad things. Like what would happen to me. And I think the whole time about death. I am a mother of three kids. And I get very scary. All the time. And I have Anxiety


Dear Lal2 –
Mayo Clinic is unable to provide medical advice over this site – however on our website you can search medical conditions to find out more information about them.
You had mentioned MS:
You had also mentioned hypersomnia:
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I hope you feel better soon.

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