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aracknoid bleed/tramtic brain injury

Posted by @powerofpositive in Brain & Nervous System, Dec 3, 2011

My husband sustainded trama after an auto accident. It has been only about a week and a half since the accident. He was discharged the day after the accident. We had a f/u visit a few days ago. Pt, OT, and speech therapy has been ordered. He thinks the cups half full at this point and that is always a good perspective but he hasn't a clue just how seriously impaired his emotional respose, momentary judgements and social que's have been affected. He has had previous head trauma that I fear will affect his recovery. The bones (ribs) and muscle injuries are improving some but I actually think I see a decline in mental ability...mentioned this at the f/u visit and it was glossed over to some degree. Realize it is early on but this is overwhelming as I have been struggling with recently diagnosed(after 3 years of living hell, finally quit my job couldn't stand the pain or fatigue) auto immune disorders.
Any one out there that has experience either personally or someone close to them that has delt with this type of situation? I have been reading up on this condition and I fear improvement will be minimal mainly due to the previous tramas. Any helpful information/stories? I walk in the woods while he naps, have done a few primal screams while out there ( think the hunters are scared away 🙂 ) walking and find myself in tears alot.
Overwhelmed completely at times, especially when my fatigue level rises. I am trying to pick up where I left off so to speak....before my symptoms truely guided the direction of my life. But was always brushed off because I looked well. Had Rituxan therapy and it gave relief from the pain.Now doing Apitherapy, self administered and finding it is also helpful but the fatigue and sleep issues are taking there toll....
Friends/family are well meaning and helpful but that always tends to fade away as they have heir own busy lives...have experienced it before and have observed it happen to others over the years.
Is there light at the end of this tunnel?

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Posted by Anonymous-aeaf6ea1, Dec 19, 2011

Power of positive,
You're a saint, I don't think I could handle what you are dealing with. I suppose we all do what we must but I do believe there is a time to draw the line, so to speak. If your health is declining due to the fact that you are caring for someone else that is truly ill...maybe you should seek professional help. Is there a nurse that can come in on a regular basis and care for your husband? Have you considered going to someone in the mental health field for your own sanity? It sounds to me like you are going through an awful lot if you are going out into the woods to scream. That tells me you need to release some of your anxiety, depression, anger, fear and whatever other negative emotions are eating you alive. It is not healthy for you to keep your concerns to yourself at this point in time. Call upon your family, his family and professionals to help you. If that doesn't solve the problems you feel need solving then you should consider other living arrangements for your own mental health. You can't care of him if you are not well also. I wish you the best this holiday season and hope that you can gain the assistance that you so desperately need.


Posted by @powerofpositive, Dec 19, 2011

Thanks for you response. So much has changed for the better, Husband making remarkable recovery. I also am doing alot better. Yes it all is alot to deal with sometimes but God only gives you what you can handle and dispite adversety with how the whole accident has been mishandled... the truth will come forth as it always does in the end. As far as negative emotions, I have always been a fan of primal screams, the fustration it expells really works and allows one to move on to more constructive, creative outlets. Think I have done them less than a half dozen times in 50 odd years....I have recommended it to a few close friends when times have gotten difficult for them and all agree it does work. Better than drugging it or drowning it in drink. Better than ,as you put it eat you alive.....wouldn't let that happen ever...nothing is worthy of that. We have a good support system, and I have alot of faith in what is right in the world, and well what goes around usually comes around and of it's own accord, in it's own time, when it is meant to be. My mental health is doing great over all, few bouts of depression but life isn't easy all the time and if we didn't experience a flux in it we would not be human would we? The day I wrote the entry, yes, I wasoverwhelmed, who wouldn't be? But an inner strength I am blessed to have doesn't waver for long.
Peace and Happy New year to you and yours.

Posted by Anonymous-aeaf6ea1, Dec 29, 2011

I am glad to read that you are doing well and that your husband is recovering. Hope you have a Happy New Year and health continues to improve for everyone. I might try the primal scream again sometime, I have found it helpful a few times in my life as well. Releasing tension, emotion is always good, I also like massage therapy and yoga for relaxation. Blessings and peace this holiday season.

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