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Appointments in Jax FL

Posted by @col1mkr, Jan 1, 2012

I am writing this for my mother. She needs to be seen at the Mayo Clinic…but how does it work? Do you go and check in like a hospital? Overnight? Or is it more like a normal medical practice appointment? She is nervous about the trip and we just need more information. Any advice?



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Posted by @cynthialynn, Jan 4, 2012

Hello, i am tryin to be at Mayo clinic as well. The main number to mayo in Rochester minnesota is 1-507-284-2511. Good luck to your mother. Im in search of a good heart dr!!


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Posted by @kalflen, Jul 1, 2012

I just got home from Mayo in Jax. They are SO organized and get you in SO fast. It was amazing. It is a hospital and a huge medical center in one. It actually reminded me of a college campus. I did not wait for more than 20 minutes. I have been suffering for more than two years since my second of three neck surgeries. It took them just a few minutes to figure out that my fusion at C3-4 was not fused!! My neurosurgeon here kept reassuring me it was fused all is fine and the pain will eventually go away. Well it ha gotten worse and my life revolves around pain and fatigue.
I will not go anywhere else but to mayo. They KNOW what they are doing. You should feel blessed to be going there. Good luck. I am sure thy will help you. They did me!

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