Apple pie and ice cream.

Posted by jdiakiw @jdiakiw, Oct 3, 2020

Putting aside all other possible co-morbidities , I am trying to understand my data in my first week in my diagnosis and insulin injections. After a donut and coffee ( 1 tsp star) for breakfast. And fish and chips for lunch and a small serving of apple pie, I wonder does it matter what I eat as long as I am over 70% in my target zone and for the most part of a day I am in the optimum blue target area?

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I eat alot of chicken mostly baked I was eating pasta alot

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I came home from Alaska a few years ago hungry for the fresh fish I ate there. Now I look for wild Alaskan fish, especially salmon. which I bake and put some seasoning on the top. It is pricey, though but I am only cooking for one person. If I buy a whole salmon, my son grills it for us and I eat the leftovers for breakfast. Dorisena

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