Apheresis or ivig treatment for long covid?

Posted by fatherofsonwithlc @fatherofsonwithlc, May 14 8:02pm

Does Mayo provide these treatments for long covid? Does anyone have any experience?

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Welcome @fatherofsonwithlc, I'm tagging fellow long Covid members like @leann100 @jaymier @autoimmunesearch @autoimmunesearch who have experience with IVIG treatments or apheresis or both.


Many thanks. My son has had LC for 15 months, not getting better, and I am searching for treatment that could help. He has very high level of autoantibodies (16 aabs significantly – even 10x – over reference levels) so Apheresis or ivig is of interest.


I would like to be added to this thread as a long covid sufferer since 2020 and currently very poor neurologic condition. I recently had plasmapheresis (INUSpheresis) in Switzerland and am no better, possibly worse if that makes any sense? I am actively looking now to get IV IgG treatments and am interested in any success stories.

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