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Anyone taken Actemra/Tolcilizumab for PMR?

Posted by @jayflo, Tue, Nov 6 2:50pm

I was diagnosed with PMR on 8/1/18 and have been on prednisone, then added methotrexate 6 weeks ago, and still have pain, stiffness and spasms in my lower back and hamstrings bilaterally. Rheumatologist wants to start me on Actemra/Tocilizumab, given by infusion once a month. Anyone take this drug for PMR, were there any side effects, and did it work?


Hi @jayflo, I thought you might be interested in the following information until a member who has taken Actemra/Tolcilizumab for PMR responds.

Tocilizumab is effective against polymyalgia rheumatica: experience in 13 intractable cases

Starting Actemra for PMR, RA and GCA looking for others currently using Actemra?

Mayo Clinic – Tocilizumab (Intravenous Route, Subcutaneous Route) Side Effects

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