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Anyone suffering from syringomyelia?

Posted by @diane63, Nov 22, 2012

Hello. I was wondering if anyone is suffering from Syringomyelia? In your thoracic spine? Or suffering from Chiari malformation? I feel alone out here with my condition ;( I read a lot about Chiari malformation but not much with the symptoms with syringomyelia in your thoracic. I would love to talk to someone with this, anyone. Thank you for listening.



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Posted by @deemath, Nov 24, 2012

Hi Diane,

I contracted post traumatic syringomyelia after a car accident and it was elongated after a second accident. My docs assure me it’s not a very big syrinx but I suffer a lot of pain and some motory (?) symptoms. I would be happy to talk with you. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you might have. I totally understand your feeling of loneliness.

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