Anyone suffer any issues with your common bile duct and obstructions.?

Posted by jennycho @jennycho, May 29 8:36am

I had my gall bladder removed 30+ years ago (I’m 53 yrs old now). Ever since I have suffered with unbelievable cramping after I eat. Finally went to a Dr. who would listen and ran blood tests which showed my body was still thinking I had a gall bladder. Turned out I have stones in my bile duct that don’t want to move. I went through all the scoping ending with an ERCP. Dr. placed stents in and stones passed. Six months later and symptoms and blood tests show my body acting as it did pre-ERCP. Anyone know if my dr. visits, scoping, ERCPS, etc. are going to be my social life for the entirety of my being? Any suggestions as to how I can get more detailed info from drs.? I really need help with this…thank you!

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I also had my gallbladder removed 30 something years ago.
Since then I have to be careful of what fats I eat. I get severe cramps with olive oil and animal fats. Beef, pork, chicken.
I do well with dairy, avocado and fish.
Years ago I had 2 ERCPs- first one cleaned sludge from common bile duct and second widened the opening into the intestine.
Recently I had an intense episode of abdominal pain. By the time I had an ultrasound the pain was gone. It probably was a stone that I passed.


I'm not sure. I just had this and also had stents placed. They are supposed to come out by themselves. I get an X-ray in a couple weeks. If the don't the doctor said they would have to remove it. My gallbladder was so full of stones that couldn't go anywhere. The sludge they removed was blocking them and the ducts. I don't know what the future is. I was told I may need my gallbladder removed if it happens again. I'm not sure I want that either. But I know it's not fun to have your digestion interfered with. Good luck.

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