Anyone out there with Spitzoid Lesions/Spitz Nevus?

Posted by macymaej @jenningsr30, Jun 30, 2018

Good morning everyone (or afternoon wherever you may be),

I am trying to connect with others in regard to a diagnosis of Spitzoid lesions/Spitz Nevus. I have read several articles online, and I was at the point that I believed everything to be 'OK', but I am starting to worry if this diagnosis would be a lifetime occurrence or not. I am in my late twenties and was diagnosed about four years ago, had about nine removed (all labeled as benign). There is much controversy over the risk of these lesions (some physicians exercising more caution, others exercising less). These affect only 1% of skin cancer patients total (unless this number has risen). I hope to hear from someone and know I am not alone. I have come close to scheduling an appointment at the Mayo Clinic, but I am not sure if it is totally necessary or not.


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Hello @jenningsr30

I see that this is your first post on Connect – welcome! I am glad that you posted about this disorder. I was not familiar with this, so I did a google scholar search and found this article,

If you are comfortable sharing more, could you tell us a little more about this disorder? What type of appearance do these lesions have? As you mentioned having several removed, are they all quite similar in appearance?

I hope that some others will join the conversation but until then please feel free to address your questions and concerns as they come to you.



Hi. I’m a 30 yr old female. I had a spitz Nevis removed June 2011 from my stomach. I have a 3 inch scar from the incision and the scar stays irritable. My question is that since I had the surgery, I have noticed 3 small moles pop up around the scar and a long skinny one form horizontally across the scar. I naturally have a lot of moles. At least 300 I would I guess .. And most of these are on the left side of my body .. Not sure that really matters but I lost my grandpa to melanoma in 2010 and my gramma had facial reconstruction from melanoma in 2007… And has since passed from stomach cancer.. I wld go back to my dr but I’m starting a new job with no vacation time and have to wait 2 months for my health insurance to kick in. Are the new moles normal?

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