Anyone on Keytruda experience adrenal dysfunction?

Posted by mpuap @mpuap, Oct 29 11:27am

Anyone on Keytruda experience loss of adrenal gland function? If so, what were your initial symptoms? I’m on Keytruda, xeloda and Ivermectin and it’s working well but the keytruda took out my thyroid and now experiencing profound exhaustion while ramping up thyroid dose.

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@mpuap, I added your question to the Prostate Cancer support group as well. If I recall correctly you have “mucin producing urothelial adenocarcinoma of prostate”. I thought you might get additional responses here.

It is tedious and time consuming to get the right thyroid dosage and requires a lot of patience. Along with the profound exhaustion from a dysfunctional thyroid, I bet it is also challenging to distinguish what is related to hormonal imbalance and the fatigue that can accompany cancer and treatment.


Has anyone diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma experienced leg weakness (in my case, the right quad muscle)?

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