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Anyone help with new migrainer?

Posted by @airmale29, Sep 6, 2012

Any suggestion to a new headache-migrainer would be appreciated!
I just turned 40 and have had chronic daily headaches which lead to migraines daily for about 1-2 years. Never had problems before so why now?

My primary dr gave me pain pills but that’s not a solution. Went to a neurologist who gave me an mri and eeg test but it’s all clear. She put me on Topomax but it didnt do much so I stopped.

Had nasal surgery thinking that might cause headaches but no relief. I go to a chiropractor occasionally and see a massage therapist once a week. It seemed to really help for awhilel but now they are back with a vengeance.

I have been trying to keep a food diary and headache journal but can’t seem to narrow down any triggers!
So a new neurologist told me to get off caffiene and stop taking the ESGIC + tablets my primary dr gave me. It’s been 3 weeks with a migraine everyday.

I take Maxalt and Imitrex when I can but as everyone probably knows you can only get 6 of one and 9 of the other a month. Why?

I just tried accupunture yesterday for the first time and it seemed great but now another headache. She suggested it might take several treatments before I see if I can feel a difference.

Is there any end in sight? Could my being about 250 and 5’11” be a problem? My cholesterol is good but low good chl. I found out today no diabetes but high trygylerides of 225.
I keep thinking there has to be a reason for these migraines. They are taking away any form of life I know of and I cant see a future with daily headaches.

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. Any suggestions for tests I might try would be a Godsend. Dr’s today dont seem to suggest anything unless I bring it up.

Thanks again



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Posted by @mouser, Sep 10, 2012

The reason you only get 6 of one and 9 of the other is because of safe dosing/ they don’t want people to overdose.
Second, I am curious about your blood pressure, if it’s elevated.
There are 3 med classes that can work alternatives to topamax and imitrex.
1) SSRI- works on serotonin pathways, common migraine pathway. (example: amitriptyline)- taken at bedtime- makes people sleepy.
2) blood pressure medicine. Metoprolol
3) anti-seizure. (Keppra) not sure how this works for migraines?

Otherwise, I did headache therapy last year and it was great. Taught relaxation techniques that reduced my migraines from 7/ week to 2/week.


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Posted by @piglit, Sep 10, 2012

Hi airmale29 I have experienced really bad headaches and mine was going through a neck problem. I found that pain relief helped to a certain extent and I also had acupunture and found releif in time with this. As for medication advice no one can give you that as we are not allowed to on this site. Please ask your dr or specialist in regards to your medications Good luck hope you feel better soon Let me know how you get along Piglit


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Posted by @mouser, Sep 11, 2012

Piglit, thanks for Your advice- you added what I should have said- that these are meds that may be options, but you need to discuss it with you doctor to determine what’s right for you.


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Posted by @lyn44, Sep 18, 2012

have you tried botox

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