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Anyone have experience with partial pancreatectomy they can share?

Posted by @craig52, Jul 8, 2012

My wife (58) was recently diagnosed with a intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm (IPMN) type of cyst on her pancreas. Prior to the diagnosis, she had been hospitalized three times for acute pancreatitis in the last year. The cyst is believed to be the cause of the pancreatitis attacks. Since this type of cyst can eventually become malignant, the decision was made to remove the part of her pancreas where the cyst is located. My question is regarding the quality of life after a distal pancreatectomy. Will she have to be on insulin and digestive enzyme supplements the rest of her life? Can you loose half your pancrease and still live a fairly normal life? Thanks in advance for sharing any information or experience.



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Posted by @clemen, Jul 12, 2012

I had a cyst in the head of the panchreas that does not turn malignant. After an endoscopy I had a severe pancreatis attack that sent me to the hospital for three weeks. I then underwent the whipple procedure. I do not have diabetes because of the surgery. However, because thay remored the duodenum, I have to take medication to prevent acid reflux for the rest of my life. That can cause serious problems: inability to absorb calcium, erosion of the stomack lining, bleeding ulcetrs, to name a few. I did have a bleeding ulcer a few months after the surgery. I have developed intolerance to milk products. Now some doctors tell me that the whipple procedure is only for pancreatic cancer. Please seek a second and a third opinion before a drastic measure. I wish I had done that.

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