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Anyone else battling Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus and its frustrating symptoms???

Posted by @pattygray, Oct 19, 2011

My 68 year-old husband was diagnosed with fluid on the brain 7 months ago.He had a shunt put into his brain with a tube going into his abdominal cavity where excess fluid is supposedly drained off and eventually absorbed into the blood stream.
His shunt has not improved the amount of fluid in the brain ventricles and there appears to be nothing wrong with it when checked recently. The balance, bladder, and “fuzzy” thinking persist and are worse now than when he was first diagnosed in March. After taking Vesicare for the bladder, there was great improvement, but we learned from his neuropsychologist this week that any anti-choleric(sp?) drug as this will many times worsen memory/dementia problems.
Anyone out there battling this frustrating disease? It is idiopathic unless one has just had a traumatic head injury leading to NPH.


Elizabeth Rice

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Posted by @elizabethrice, Oct 20, 2011

Hi Patty – Thanks for your comment. You may have already seen this, but just in case, some information from Mayo Clinic on hydrocephalus can be found here: Best wishes.


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Posted by @snvvk, Jun 3, 2012

My father had VP Shunt performed in 2010 after a Trauma that happened in 2009. Since the date of trauma he is yet to regain his speech. We thought VP Shunt will help regain the speech but it did not.

To your question, we have been giving medicines to control “epilepsy” and for speech only. In my father’s case, we are not sure whether he has this challenge that you mentioned, as he is yet to speak. We are treated in India – Chennai.

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