Anybody with Oroantral Fistula?

Posted by jessicaelder @jessicaelder, Dec 14, 2022

Anybody with Oroantral Fistula? After an incredibly invasive cyst, lots of infections, and lots of surgeries, my Oroantral fistula seems to be closed but I continue to have lots of sinus issues (frequent infection, tenderness, swelling, etc). Current ENT doesn’t seem to worried about it. Do I let it go or continue to pursue help?

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Hi @jessicaelder, I wonder if @loribmt may have some thoughts to share on this topic.

Jessica, from what I understand, A small oroantral communication (up to 5mm wide) may heal spontaneously but a larger one would require surgical closure to prevent the development of persistent oro-antral fistula and chronic sinusitis. It sounds like that is your current situation. Have you considered getting a second opinion?

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