Anybody know a good app for text to speech?

Posted by hutch304 @hutch304, May 6 1:08pm

Anybody know a good app they can recommend on a phone to text to speech?

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Hi @hutch304, a frequently mentioned topic in the Hearing Loss support group regarding speech to text. This specific discussion may be a start to apps that also reverse the function to text-to-speech.

- Speech-to-text Apps


I went to Google play store and tried a few and found one that had several voices to choose from. I found one that sounded just like me....or rather how I used to sound. I cannot recall the name of it. I had deleted it before I saw your post. Sorry. But there are good ones out there.


Oh I forgot to add. I bought a small wireless keyboard that works with my phone or tablet. It made for faster typing for me. I'm a very slow texter. Much faster with two hands on keyboard.

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