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any one suffering from complicated grief?????

Posted by @cac2011 in Mental Health, Aug 11, 2011

i am suffering from complicated grief after losing my husband of 31 years 4 months ago. HELP !!!!!!!

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Posted by @sebley12, Aug 11, 2011

yes, my sister just lost her husband April 8th of this 2011 yr. He came home from work, on his last day before starting their vacation, cashed his check, filled the car up with gas, pulled into the driveway of his home. My sister said he got out of the car as she heard the song "Hot Blooded" playing on his radio before he shut the engine off, and walked up to his porch and stopped and dropped. He suffered a massive heart attack and they were married for 30 yrs too. He was like a brother to me and we are all still greiving and my sister..she is still waiting for him to come home from work, she cries all the time and so do we, his name was Jimmy. He was going to be 50 yrs old this september and she had a surprize party planned. But God had his own plan and now he is home. I am so sorry for your loss, please know that while your heart still aches, it may help to know that with time things will get better. Hugs for you. xoxo


Posted by @ista, Sep 1, 2011

When I lost my father I was devastated. I declared a year of mourning, that I was free to cry all I wanted for a year, but if it went on longer than that I would get help. Well, I grieved and then the grief just turned into depression, a feeling of not wanting to do anything or go anywhere. I am sad to say I lived this way for five years and THEN I went to a psychiatrist who put me on an anti-depressant and something for anxiety attacks. Within 6 months I was feeling llke a whole new person.

Grieving is good. It is part of the process of separating from a loved one. Do not let anyone say or even imply that you do not have a right to grieve him-- but grieve for a set amount of time, say a year. If you cannot get on with life at a year, then please do what I was too stubborn to do and get some professional help. If you do not want to take medications perhaps you could seek out a grief counselor through a hospital or church. It will take time to heal. Be kind to yourself. We have never met but I give you a ((hug)).

Posted by Anonymous-95274fcf, Nov 14, 2011

i remember when my father suddenly died, i had 3 young children, and if it wasn't for them, i'm not sure i could have functioned for a while. it took me a whole year as plato or socrates said, 'THE MEASURE OF A MAN IS IN A YEAR AFTER HIS FATHER'S DEATH'. This can be updated and woman and mother substituted. so for me, with respect to my father, it did show this saying passed the test of time. after a year, an understanding and enfolding his spirit into mine happened. this spirit was the one saying enjoy life, i did and that's why i gave it to you.

you will come to an understanding of his respect for life on earth and with his spirit, you will eventually spark your own but it takes take.

just one question, complicated grief, i'm not sure i understand. take care of yourself and be grateful for such a long marriage and hopefully, a happy one.


Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 14, 2011

it takes see, i had to edit that, as i wasn't sure so i stumbled with the takes take, sorry about that


Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 23, 2011

how are you?

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