any body had gastric by pass

Posted by nnmaria @nnmaria, Dec 10, 2011

any body here had a gastric by pass and start to gain weigh

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yes…I had my bypass last year and every now and then I wil gain up to 10 lbs..then lose it again..


I had a gastric bipass in 2002. If you really monitor what your eatting you’ll realize that your probably eatting more than you should. Your intake should be less than 2 cups per meal. No more than 10 grams of sugar per meal. I never really followed the carb rule. But following the sugar rules helped me. I gained back like 20 lbs initially, cause i had technically lost too much, i felt better with the added 20 lbs. But then 8 years later i developed post prandial hypoglycemia, a side effect of the gastric bipass..and because of this gained 40 more pounds..currently trying to re-lose the last 40. Difficult!


I had the band, and put almost all the weight back 2 years later, even watching what I eat. It is hard when your metabolism slows down because you starve it. So with me anything I eat caused weight gain. I would have never done it, if I knew then what I know now!

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