Anxiety(&Panic Attacks) and Acid Reflux

Posted by abopp2022 @abopp2022, Jun 8, 2019

I have Panic Disorder with major panic attacks and I have severe acid reflux. Medicaid decided to be a snobby and quit paying for the only medicine that helped with the acid reflux. When i have panic attacks I have: chest discomfort, feeling like imma pass out, weal, tired, freaking out, feeling like im gonna die, pacing,etc. Acid reflux i always have heartburn and feel sick. But together its terrible……. WHAT CAN I DO???? I'm at my last straw.

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Also ive been getting randomly tired out of the blue for no reason.


Ask the Pharmacy to resubmit. They may be able to help you or have the Drs office get involved. Sometimes just re-coding the paper work is needed. Hope they can get it straightened out


need zantac but also need to have your adrenaline gland examined to rule out tumnours and the brain is being flooded by the adrenal gland hormone Epinephrine which increases anxieties

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