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Anxiety or Depression or Both or Other

Posted by @nnovella in Mental Health, Feb 28, 2012

I experimented and smoked weed and afterwards I learned that weed can bring out schizophrenia in people who might have it and sometimes a person will smoke it and never feel the same for the rest of their life.

I was feeling burnt from it and around that time is when I learned about the info above. My biological father has schizophrenia.

I had such bad anxiety. I thought I might be schizophrenic.
I had an anxiety or panic attack and I thought I was I the latter category of never feeling the same.
To top it off, I believe I had this same type of attack while high. So it felt like I got high again without smoking and I thought it was me not feeling the same for the rest of my life.

It's hard for me to look into mirrors because i did when I was high. And I crawled into bed and fell asleep while high–so that is hard every night.

I have been drinking sleepy herbal teas without sugar or sweetener and I think it helps.

I will never smoke again.
I don't like the way drugs effect me; I've learned I'm pretty sensitive and it gets to my head a little.

I feel horrible almost always. Except right when I wake up, and when I am not thinking about it and asking myself if I feel normal etc, such as at dinner, or other distraction.

It is possible anxiety can ACTUALLY make a person FEEL different and see the world a little differently? based off of fear and paranoia? I want it to go away without drugs.

I have been working on thinking positive..

I'm looking forward to your comments.
if you feel that you could extend your help, you can email me as well. but please don't forget to post here to start a flow here too.


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Posted by @missyalora52gmailcom, Mar 13, 2012

I an old hippie too and I have heard that Grass/Weed can affect the brain cells later on in life.


Posted by @roxie43, Mar 15, 2012

Nowadays weed is not just weed it is being laced with some dangerous chemicals including embalming fluids. It does not cause schizophrenia but it can be very dangerous and in some cases people have jumped out of windows or have incurred cognitive problems. Then, for people already diagnosed with a psychotic disorder it can exacerbate the underlying condition.
Plain weed can also make someone anxious...I tried it in my youth and did not like feeling like I could not breath but everyone's different. Just be cautious of what's being added.


Posted by @roni4, Mar 17, 2012

It's sound like you have Depersonalization It develops from anxiety or depression I had a really bad panic attack and I felt completely out of it still kinda do I used to smoke pot until I freaked out from it and that's kinda how I feel like that I'm high and can't snap out of it like I'm living a dream I would wake up every morning asking myself if I was normal and that would start my obsession throughout the day again I've been put on anti depressants and anti anxiety meds and it has helped out alot


Posted by @piglit, Mar 17, 2012

Hi many people have ongoing panic attacks throughout their lives. This can be brought on by a number of different things. With me It's generally very high stress levels. I have had this all my life on and off from a very young age, I am now in my fifties. I don't have depersonalization. It's just me really. I have always had high anxiety and the depression came later on in life. Also be careful of the weed. I agree with Roxie on this. I also tried this is my youth. They add alot of different chemicals etc these days. Take care Piglit

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