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Anxiety issues

Posted by @nessa26, Feb 25, 2012

I’ve had problems with “supposed” anxiety for the last year. Have suffered with being dizzy/lightheaded, tired, trouble breathing, elevated heart rate, headaches, and sleeplessness on a daily basis. Tried Lexapro but it made me a zombie. Has anyone else had these same symptoms?



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Posted by @anon27855854, Feb 29, 2012

Hi .Sorry . Good evening.Yes I have it too. I am currently in Xanax it helps me to calm down. I drink it when I need it . Try to relax , happy memories, listen to music it helps ,sometimes I am feeling running out of breath ,my heart beats faster cold sweats, cold feet cold hands, I tell myself this will pass it will be over soon take it easy hang in there everything will be okey.

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