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Anxiety disorder

Posted by @grandambj in Mental Health, Jul 8, 2012

I have been taking Paxil for an anxiety disorder for the past 15 years. Lately I have been having some of the syptoms reapear. Has anyone else had this experience. Do medications stop working afterwhile. I was molested by my father from 12 years old to 17 years old. I have taken lots of couselling on this but it seems to come up each time I reach a new milestone in my life. I am having panic attacks around a person I have been friends with for about three years. We had lots of fun together but now I have anxiety for a couple of days after we do something together, I don't know if this is from the abuse or my meds have stopped working and need to be changed. I am going to ask for a referral to a pysciatrist but it usaully takes months to get in.Does anyone identify?

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Posted by @lovinjesus, Jul 8, 2012

My doctor put me on Paxil and other anti-depressants and all it dd was add to the problem. I was having panic attacks and my stress level was up so high that I went to ER because I thought I was having a heart attack. They did many tests and a stress test (treadmill) I passed with flying colors. Nothing wrong with the heart....panic attacks. Why? I don't know. I don't know why I am nervous, sad and have panic attacks. I take nothng now and I refuse to let circumstances rule me. I cry when I'm hurt, upset or feel lonely but I am ok. I see an Herbalist at a Health Food Store (Natures Specialist) and she (the owner) had a consultation with me and she is doing a Liver Cleanse, (6 months to a yr) very inexpensive and simple, then she will do a thyroid booster then we are going to work on the hair loss (that can be due to stress and/or an underactive thyroid) and she is going to tackle the depression and the panic attacks. Frankly, I am very unhealthy right now, sick everyday, tired and in pain where I was poisoned with Formaldahyde by living in a new trailer then after 3 years living in a new doublewide (full offormaldahyde) and my liver is insulted with poisons. She is getting that cleared up and we go from there and tackle one problem at a time. Paxil is not the answer. Go all natural with the guidance of an Herbalist, Homeopathic Consultant or if you can afford it (I sure can't) a Homeopathic Doctor. Insurances (most of them) coverthe cost of a Licensed Homeopathic Doctor so if you have insurance, tha would be the best for you. I hope you respond and let me know what you think about it. Thanks for listening, LovinJesus


Posted by @china, Jul 9, 2012

paxil is 4 de[ression but helps with anxiety. u might need real anxiety pills like ativan


Posted by @anon81082521, Jul 11, 2012

It's probably time to change medications. You can develop a tolerance or resistance to medication especially if you've been on it a while.

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Posted by @china, Jul 11, 2012



Posted by @china, Jul 11, 2012

should have been changed long x ago.


Posted by @babygirl25, Jul 12, 2012

Hello.. I have a similar background as you and also ran the hamster wheel with every anti-depressant possible in combination with one another and with clonazepam .. I have battled the ups and downs for 12 years. I visited a psychologist where I had to talk about the issue and do exercises but that was never helpful for me. I recently saw a psychiatrist and she diagnosed me PSTD .. I'm taking lamictal which is a mood stabilizer .. While I am only in my third month on the medication, I believe it is really helping with bridging the gap in such episodes.. It didn't take me long to see my doctor.. And most insurances will require a referral from your family doctor. Stay persistent..and strong .. 🙂

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Posted by Anonymous-20c7b173, Jul 15, 2012

Hello I have been through every anti-depressant almost and finally found one that works called effexor have you tried any others? If not you need to, it wasn't enough for me as I also suffer from bi-polar disorder so the doctor added abilify and mostly it has worked for around 10 years but lately am also having panic attacks just had one the other day, I used to have them every week before I moved away from the city.I also had a bad childhood including rape and being beaten alot, it is very traumatic to us yet sometimes it comes out in other ways. I totally can relate to you as I have been there and also went to a pysciatrist who got me on the right meds and understood my problem, even if it takes months to get in maybe go to primary doctor while waiting for appointment and try new meds but be careful and watch also for triggers these are the things that set us off into our attacks,try to recognize them and stay away from them if possible.Hang in there and keep on trying it isn't at all easy I have been dealing with my disorder for all my life..If you wish to talk e-mail me at Take care of yourself and get into a pyschiatrist as soon as you can they understand the meds better than a regular doctor......God Bless


Posted by @kramer, Jul 18, 2012

I have lots of anxiety everyday does it ever stop I want to live an normal life


Posted by @grandambj, Jul 19, 2012

Hang in there. I did therapy for 20 years with little relief, but as soon as I finally agreed to medication I became syptom free. See a phsyciatrist or doctor.

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