Antibody strength years after vaccine

Posted by marioguye @marioguye, Oct 18 1:51am

I had two shots of Moderna vaccine two years ago.

I recently had a Covid Serology test to see if I ever had Covid as I did not seem to have had it but I was curious whether I could be one of the 'silent' carriers. The lab report said that I was negative but they could not offer no advice as to what the level of antibodies they discovered meant.

This is what the lab report had:

Covid19 N Ab
units of measure COI
SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) S Protein RBD Binding Ab

Where does 1900 fall on the range for my circumstance? Is this a low, medium or high number two years after vaccination? What would be the average number for my situation? If the number is high is there concern about the anti-bodies being present at high level? Can it cause problems?

Attention to this is appreciated in advance.

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@marioguye. The answer you have from your medical professionals is consistent with the answers I have for the same question. I wanted to use a number to trigger my need for a booster. Medical science isn't there yet, they don't know what the number means in terms of immunity.


Thanks for the quick response. However I am not looking for meaning or for any medical purpose such as whether to go for a booster. I am looking for where I fit in the picture. I am quite confident that Moderna has statistics on what the level of antibodies are after vaccination and how they drop over time and would know that x percent of the folks who took it x time after would have a range of z-y of antibody presence. However there seems to be no way to contact Moderna – they would definitely have the answer. If others have it google hasn't led me to them. When I signed into this forum I was under the impression that there would be experts monitoring the questions asked – it would not be just a forum of lay people exchanging views. Not that that isn't a good thing – it's good to know the paths others have had with similar medical situations. Hopefully there are experts who monitor and will pass on knowledge they may have to addres our similar situations.

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