Is there an anti-body test to indicate that I need COVID booster?

Posted by jerrynord @jerrynord, Jul 26, 2021

December 2020 I tested positive for Covid. Because of my liver transplant in 2008, my doctor sent me to the hospital to get the Intravenous injection and I went home. My symptoms were mild and catching my breath was the biggest problem I noticed. A few weeks later I was tested for antibodies which it showed I did have them. Not knowing how long the antibodies would last it was recommended I get the vaccinations 3 months after I tested positive. The 2nd vaccination was at the end of April 2020.
Since I am still on Tacrolimus, should I get the booster shot? Is there an anti-body test that will indicate that I need the booster?

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Hi @jerrynord The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein test is used to check for antibodies for Covid 19. But it only shows whether there are antibodies in the blood, specifically IgM/IgG spike proteins which could be either from direct exposure to Covid-19 or from the vaccination. Having the antibodies is a good sign but it does nothing to directly tell us the level of our immunity to the virus.

I know, it’s frustrating. I’m on Tacrolimus too and would like to know if I should have the booster shot. Right now my transplant doctor is not recommending it, but I’ll be seeing him again in October and hope to hear more by that time regarding boosters. I think it’s a good idea for you to contact your transplant team to inquire about a booster. They’re your best source to evaluate your needs.


Thank you for your response. I will contact them.

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