Anti phospholipid antibody syndrome

Posted by shannon1987 @shannon1987, Aug 26, 2012

Hello. Just diagnosed with this disease and was wanting to connect with anyone else who has it, it’s pretty intimidating going through it alone!

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I have had APS since I was 18. I am currently 23 now


I would love to email or txt if you would like. it is very complicated and frustrating more than anything. pls just subject APS or I will accidentally delete it.


I was diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndtome at age 49. Are you having a difficult time conceiving? That is how a young woman usually finds out about this condition. You will have to watch out for clots and fibroids in your later Years. They may put you on blood thinners. If they use Coumadin make sure you follow instructions and are tested monthly. Levels fluctuate with your diet and are different for different people. This can make your blood too thin and lead to a bleed, which is not a thrill! There is a new blood thinner which doesn’t fluctuate so ask about that one.


Most important, I live a full life and this does not affect me much!

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