Annual Skin Examination

Posted by tim1028 @tim1028, Nov 1, 2021

I get an annual skin examination from a dermatologist. I've had basal cell cancer, and have fair skin and blue eyes. In other words, I am more prone to skin cancer. I just got my annual body skin check by my dermatologist. I am curious why, as part of my exam, the dermatogist did not check my oral cavity, genitals, or rectum? In fact, I've never had those areas checked by dermatologists in the past. Is this not part of a routine exam?

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@tim1028 Like you, I am more prone to skin cancer, and have had basal cell, squamous cell, and melanoma. Twice a year I have an appointment with my dermatologist to be sure there is nothing "new" to add to the areas of concern.

As for the areas you questioned. I go to the dentist twice a year for teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist with over 30 years experience. I trust her to know if there is something unusual in my mouth, or if I ask her about an area. Likewise, with my annual physical "well woman" exam, I am relying on my practitioner during that appointment for genital/rectum areas examination. For me, it all seems to work out.


I also have had skin cancer and have a twice yearly exam, and they never check those areas. I always believed it was because they were not sun exposed areas, now I think @gingerw explanation makes more sense.

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