Announcing the New Neuroendocrine Tumors group

Hi all,
The number of members talking about neuroendocrine tumors and carcinoid tumors has grown to the point that it was time to move the discussions out of the Cancer group and into a group of your own.

I invite you to:
1. Go to the new Neuroendocrine (NETs) group
2. Follow the group by clicking + FOLLOW in the corner of the group description.

Follow NETs group
3. Explore the topics.
4. Post a message and continue the discussions.

In the NETs group, you’ll find all your messages, discussions and of course the people you’ve been talking with like Teresa, @hopeful33250, Patient Mentor and the rest of the group:
@amyh2439 @tresjur @joannem @gaylejean @lucci50 @derekd @gulzar @joanney @jenchaney727 @dzerfas @lorettanebraska @wordnoid @trouble and @upblueeyes

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